Do you have a gut knowing that you possess something larger…a grand potential¬†inside of you, aching to be let out?

You have been guided to this site for a reason, so let’s cut to the chase…

You know that there is something holding you back…and you can’t quite put your finger on it!

You have a burning desire to take your life to the next level!

Yet something is NOT right!

So, what is holding you back?

My name is Duane Krip. You are about to discover the secret of what is really holding you back!

I wrote “Slay your Silent Saboteurs – Unleash your Unlimited Potential and Thrive” to explain precisely what is holding you back and how to overcome it!

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You will get all the details about how you can immediately eliminate barriers that are Silently Sabotaging your career, life and success.

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You will learn:

      • What Silent Saboteurs are.
      • How these disempowering programs were installed in you at a very young age.
      • How early interactions with your first teachers can have devastating effects on your career.
      • How seemingly small childhood ‘occurrences’ can create disempowering beliefs that unconsciously undermine your success.
      • The cause of career derailment.
      • The cause of career stagnation.
      • The real root of stress and anxiety.
      • Why you are held back from realizing your full potential.
      • The true nature of your potential.
      • The steps needed to clear your silent saboteurs.
      • How to increase your focus and productivity.
      • How to eliminate anxiety and stress from your career and life.
      • How to create positive working relationships with bosses and co-workers.

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