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Are Rules Hindering Your Success?

By Duane Krip

Like a sea of bobble head dolls, I can feel a collective up and down head nod as you ponder this question…and most of you can easily bring to mind the rules of your company, bosses or industry that create unnecessary work, stymie your creativity or shackle progress.

We often feel constrained by rules in place in all levels of government; municipal, provincial and federal. Their rules potentially impede ease of progress, pull dollars out of your wallet or time out of your day. I could go on for pages about all the external rules we face every minute of every day that seemingly act as barriers to our growth, success, income and happiness…

…but these rules are NOT what really stands in our way! They are nothing more than a speed bump compared to the rock solid wall you create with your own internal self imposed rules. These internal rules are of your own creation and are devastating because they rarely align with your goals and aspirations. The most sinister part about these internal rules is that you are not aware of their incongruence with your goals and the resulting impedance of your progress. Continue reading

About Experiences

by Duane Krip

We are here in this life to experience! All experiences are about lessons and learning, both the pleasant and not so pleasant.

In our evolution of consciousness, we vitally need the experiences that we perceive as ‘not so pleasant’ so that the resulting wisdom allows us to experience true love, light and freedom.

With that in mind we should to watch with interest our life as if it were a play on a stage with the knowledge that we are also the writer of that play and have unlimited ability to write the next line of dialogue through the wisdom we just learned.

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This weeks contemplation…

How to Build Self ConfidenceConficence

By Duane Krip

  • So, what is confidence?
  • Where does it come from?
  • Why do some people have more of it than others?
  • How can you improve your level of confidence?
  • How does a low level of confidence affect you and what changes in your career when you gain confidence?

You may look at confidence as existing on a spectrum, ranging from a sense of victimization to a sense that you can handle whatever life throws at you. Some people are almost totally lacking in confidence and some feel confident that they can handle almost anything; most people are in-between. So the issue for most people is where they currently are on the spectrum and how they can raise their level of confidence. Continue reading

This weeks contemplation…

Why Positive Thinking is not Enough

By Duane Krip
Using positive thinking alone is not enough to change your life or advance your career. There are Silent Saboteurs working to prevent you from achieving your goals of happiness and success.

Even with access to many helpful teachings from scores of self help gurus, the conscious choice to live life as a happier or successful person may still elude the most determined and committed of individuals.

What could be causing the block?

Bruce H. Lipton, in his book The Biology of Belief, quite rightly points out that using positive thinking alone may not be enough to change your life. Lipton points to the subconscious mind as the “locus of sabotaging memory tapes” that interfere with the newer behaviors being chosen or desired. Continue reading

This weeks contemplation…

What if Failure was IMPOSSIBLE… What would you be willing to Risk?

By Duane Krip

If failure was IMPOSSIBLE…what would you be willing to risk? That question was posed to a group of us at a workshop I recently attended. The unanimous answer from the room was, “Everything!” We went on to learn that ‘failure’ is nothing more than a concept of the mind; that failure is impossible because it doesn’t really exist!

An example: if you swing at a golf ball and it dribbles off the tee, you haven’t really failed, you’ve produced a result! The question in life isn’t whether you fail; the question is “what do you do with the results you produce? The instant you label yourself as having failed, you become the label you placed on yourself. Continue reading

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