Monthly Archives: June 2012

How to Create New Possibilities

By Duane Krip

I have written extensively about how our beliefs become reality for us, determining our behavior and feelings.  Because how we view reality determines the possibilities for action that are open for us, by eliminating limiting beliefs, you are able to literally create new possibilities in your life.

Let me give you an example.  Assume you had deep seated beliefs: I’m not good enough; I’m flawed and/or I not worthy of being successful.
With these beliefs, what are the possibilities that you could have advancement in your career, success in your business or a career that you can feel truly fulfilled at?  … Slim to nil, right?

Now let’s assume you completely eliminate those beliefs.  Can you see you have just created the possibility of a great, fulfilling, long-term career that literally didn’t exist before? There is no guarantee you will ever find such a career, but the possibility exists now that didn’t exist before.  Continue reading

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