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Why We’re Overweight: The Startling Truth!

By Duane Krip

At least one third of our adult population is obese and another third is overweight, overeating and excess weight is one of the biggest problems facing our society. This past March I attended a revolutionary workshop that focused on the unhealthy relationship we have with food and how to make it right. Here’s the startling truth:

The sources of overeating
There are several different sources of overweight, including:

  • Insufficient or no physical exercise
  • Eating unhealthy food, especially fast foods with high carbohydrate content
  • Medical problems, such as thyroid dysfunction
  • Emotional eating

There is an abundance of useful information about the first three.  There is very little information that is truly useful about the fourth.  Unfortunately, most of the programs and therapies don’t produce lasting results, which have led to millions of frustrated emotional eaters.  In fact, however, emotional eating can be stopped … forever! Continue reading

Why perfectionism doesn’t make you perfect

By Duane Krip

One day, her body finally gave out. It was tired. And so was she. Before that, overachieving was simply part of her personality. It was who she was and nothing was going to change that. In university she took all the hardest classes, reading every assignment page-for-page, and always getting her homework done on time. She worked three part-time jobs, played sports, kept her apartment clean, cooked and somehow managed to have a relationship and friends. It wasn’t something she had to think about, it was just something she did.
This superlative work ethic carried on into her career…. then, she got sick!
Beyond the medical diagnosis lay the real root for her issues. She suffered from perfectionism. 

Continue reading

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