Are you a Drowner, Drifter, Surfer or Navigator?

What profile do YOU fit into Right Now?

To know what you need most in terms of accessing your true potential, it’s important to ask yourself some questions and really see where you resonate. Keep in mind that it does not matter which group you resonate with, there is no right or wrong answer. It’s just a fact of where you are right now and over time as you shed your Silent Saboteurs you’ll continue to change and grow.

As you contemplate the four defining groups below, do so from the following points of view:

  1. Where am I in my life, heath, career, relationships today?
  2. What is my mindset around my life, heath, career, relationships?
  3. What are my current challenges?
  4. What do I need most right now to get to the next level?



  • On the ocean of life drowners are in lost at sea!
  • You define yourself by your limiting factors.
  • Sad and mournful, you see yourself as a perpetual victim, one of the walking wounded in an army that never heals.
  • You struggle to get ahead and feel that you just can’t ever get a break.
  • Your boat is taking on water and it’s only a matter of time before you go under.


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  • On the ocean of life drifters define themselves by their circumstances.
  • You are pushed here and there by the winds and waves of chance.
  • Jobs and relationships┬ácome and they go. You drift into a position or relationship and just as a wave of success is about to elevate you to the next level you get sideswiped by life and thrown off course.
  • Drifters are adversely affected by changes in management, organizational structure and economic circumstances.

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  • On the ocean of life Surfers define themselves by their activities.
  • Riding the swells this way and that, you dream of the perfect wave.
  • Unfortunately that’s all you ever do is dream.
  • You often job hop.
  • You tend to get bored easily thus as you move you maintain a constant lateral course.


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  • Navigators sail happily on the ocean of life and define themselves by their commitments.
  • As a navigator you know exactly what you’re trying to make happen and you’re willing to pay the price.
  • You are aware of that you have limiting factors and are zealous about clearing all obstacles that stand in your way especially when it is yourself.
  • You ego is in check and you are humble to the idea that improvement starts with yourself.

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