The Drifter

“…I need stability and direction NOW!”

Who you are

You are a good person who has had a lot of unfortunate breaks. Your career tends to be sideswiped due to circumstances beyond your control. This is the theme of your life; since childhood, trauma and troubled times seemed to control your path.

You are ethical, honest and loving at your core. Yet some people can’t see that part of you. You may have an OK job but it’s just a matter of time before you get blind sided again.

What your issues tend to be

You have little control in your life. Somewhere in the past you gave it up or it was taken from you. You shrugged your shoulders in defeat and agree to live by those terms. You allow your life to be ruled by your circumstances. Unfortunately you have been living this way for so long that it has become a rut of normalcy. Your lack of voice and ‘what good would it do’ view of your world has added to your drift. You are living without direction.

What you need most right now

Changing your mindset about your career and life is crucial to ‘getting you out of your own way’. You now understand that past circumstances are recreating themselves in your current life. You need to flush out and cut the cord that holds you to your unfortunate conditions. If you haven’t read the book Slay your Silent Saboteurs you can download a free copy here. Your primary focus needs to be clearing your Silent Saboteurs and get back control of your rudder so that you can easily navigate around all ‘circumstances’ that show up in your path. You need to feel the freedom to be able to navigate.

The Career Accelerator System You need:

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