“…I need a life preserver NOW!”

Who you are

At heart you are a good person who has been handed some raw deals. You feel your options are limited due to a wide array of reasons. Your past may be filled with trauma that was beyond your control. You are ethical, honest and loving at your core. Yet most often others can’t see that part of you. You often feel misunderstood. You seek sympathy from others yet there is never any sense of relief.

You may feel your life/career has hit a dead end. You keep waiting for your big break but it either never arrives or if it does appear, it was just false hope. You are living without purpose or meaning. You desperately want to get your life and career moving in a positive forward direction.

What your issues tend to be:

Your issues are in multiples and piled so high you feel weighed down. You may feel you are limited by your education, location or by past choices. You feel exhausted and overwhelmed by the thought of what tomorrows struggle will burden you with. You may have personal issues that tend to distract you at work. No one around you really understands what you are going through or provide you with advice that helps. You feel that your biggest issue is that the world is conspiring to hold you back. Your confidence is shaken.

What you need most right now:

First, you need to realize there are forces at play beyond your conscious awareness. A lot of ‘occurrences’ happened to you in your past that are subversively affecting you today! You need to flush out and sever those subconscious programs that are running you. If you haven’t read the book Slay your Silent Saboteurs you can download a free copy here. Your primary focus needs to be clearing your Silent Saboteurs and rebuild your confidence then develop a go-forward strategy.

The Personal Empowerment System you need most:

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