The Navigator

“…I need to clear my own limiting factors NOW!”

Who you are

You are confident and passionate about life. You know what your purpose is and you have a clear vision of what you want to make happen. People often describe you as a visionary. You are charismatic and confident. People naturally gravitate to your vision. In your humility you are also aware of your shortcomings and the barriers they pose to effectively realizing your goals. You got to where you are through continuous self improvement and you know that to get to where you are going that process of clearing your non conscious barriers is fundamental.

What your issues tend to be

As you navigate toward your clearly defined intent, you are acutely aware that the only barrier to your committed purpose is YOU! You clearly see the unsupportive patterns and behaviors you exhibit. You see how they are obstacles to your ultimate attainment. What you don’t see is the underlying root cause. The thought that YOU are the ultimate hold-back to your achievement is both unnerving and freeing at the same time. This allows you to clear your impediments with ease.

What you need most right Now

There are important mindset shifts that need to occur to make your committed goals happen. First, you must understand the gaps between where you are today and where you want it to be and what is driving them. No matter the level of mastery you’ve achieved… no matter the results you’ve delivered…you know you have more potential. You also know you have non conscious limits, comfort zones, and challenges that are holding you back from achieving your greatest successes yet. If you haven’t read the book Slay your Silent Saboteurs you can download a free copy here. You need to be clear of all non conscious limitations.

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