The Surfer

“…I need direction and purpose NOW!”

Who you are

You are a vessel of enthusiasm with a magnetic personality. You jump out of bed each day ready to take on life. You have an active life both in career and in your off-time. Yet amid this perpetual motion, deep at your core there is a sense of emptiness and even purposelessness. That deep rooted feeling is uncomfortable. So, in order not to feel it, you speed up your activity and start looking for the next challenge. You skip along the surface of life with a big smile on your face while hiding from everyone, including yourself, your deep emptiness.

What your issues tend to be

You feel you have control of your life yet your boundless activity gets you little long term satisfaction. Somewhere in the past you experienced a defining moment that set into play this reflex to be in perpetual motion. The constant ‘surfing’ feels good in the moment yet boredom always sets in. You have been living this way for so long that it has become ‘normal’. Your avoidance of being still leaves you with no time to ever be a true navigator for your life. The reason is when you ‘pull back the covers’ and take a hard look at yourself, you sense that you are living without real purpose or meaning. You have nothing to navigate towards.

What you need most right now

You need to cut the cords of the Silent Saboteurs that hold you hostage to never ending surfing. If you haven’t read the book Slay your Silent Saboteurs you can download a free copy here. By addressing root issues that have caused this surfing pattern, you will feel grounded. This will give you the opportunity to commit to something that you are passionate about. This sense of purpose will give you control to navigate toward that which you are passionately commit to.

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