The Science of Gratitude

By Duane Krip

On this Thanksgiving Monday, (for readers in the United States,  we in Canada celebrate Thanksgiving on the second Monday of October) I thought it would be fitting to explore the nature of gratitude from a scientific perspective and how, through our individual choice to develop a consistent habit of focusing on and expressing “heartfelt gratitude” for what we have or what we may desire to have in the future, enacts the immutable, unwavering and All Encompassing power of Universal Law in a pleasing and desirable kind of way and without fail draws (or attracts) more for you to be grateful for.

Bear with me for a moment as we dive into the rabbit hole of new perspectives. Consider this as you slice into your turkey supper:  Everything within our universe, broken down into its purest and most basic form is a vibrating mass of atoms and subatomic particles. Science has found the smaller you go the greater the amount of power that is wrapped up in it. The essence of the sub-atomic world is energy….pure raw energy. Continue reading

Will you Die with these Regrets?

By Duane Krip

Bronnie Ware is an Australian nurse who spent several years caring for patients in the last 12 weeks of their lives. She recorded their dying epiphanies in a blog called Inspiration and Chai (, which gathered so much attention that she put her observations into a book called The Top Five Regrets of the Dying.
Below are excerpts from her original blog post.
Ware writes, “For many years I worked in palliative care. My patients were those who had gone home to die. Some incredibly special times were shared. I was with them for the last three to twelve weeks of their lives. …when questioned about any regrets they had or anything they would do differently, common themes surfaced again and again…”

Those that are familiar with my articles will know that beliefs and conditioning are at the root of what holds us back from experiencing the best of what life has to offer.

I’ve added in an explanation what beliefs may drive our behaviors that lead many of us to have these regrets.

Here are the most common five regrets:
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Are Your Core Beliefs Sabotaging Your Life?  

By Duane Krip

Most of us have one or more challenging core beliefs which surface repeatedly over the course of our lives. These core beliefs are usually rooted in deep, unexpressed fears. Depending on your perspective, core beliefs either cause all sorts of problems, or present many opportunities for growth.

When you choose to look at core belief work as an opportunity, you are much more likely to transform your fears into learning tools which lead to a better life.
Below are the most common core issues, their related fears or beliefs, and suggestions for dealing with them. Continue reading

Why We’re Overweight: The Startling Truth!

By Duane Krip

At least one third of our adult population is obese and another third is overweight, overeating and excess weight is one of the biggest problems facing our society. This past March I attended a revolutionary workshop that focused on the unhealthy relationship we have with food and how to make it right. Here’s the startling truth:

The sources of overeating
There are several different sources of overweight, including:

  • Insufficient or no physical exercise
  • Eating unhealthy food, especially fast foods with high carbohydrate content
  • Medical problems, such as thyroid dysfunction
  • Emotional eating

There is an abundance of useful information about the first three.  There is very little information that is truly useful about the fourth.  Unfortunately, most of the programs and therapies don’t produce lasting results, which have led to millions of frustrated emotional eaters.  In fact, however, emotional eating can be stopped … forever! Continue reading

Why perfectionism doesn’t make you perfect

By Duane Krip

One day, her body finally gave out. It was tired. And so was she. Before that, overachieving was simply part of her personality. It was who she was and nothing was going to change that. In university she took all the hardest classes, reading every assignment page-for-page, and always getting her homework done on time. She worked three part-time jobs, played sports, kept her apartment clean, cooked and somehow managed to have a relationship and friends. It wasn’t something she had to think about, it was just something she did.
This superlative work ethic carried on into her career…. then, she got sick!
Beyond the medical diagnosis lay the real root for her issues. She suffered from perfectionism. 

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Living in the Moment

By Duane Krip

Living in the moment can change the entire dynamic of your career, relationships and life as a whole. Have you noticed how much time you spend looking at what you are upset or disappointed about in the past or how much you think about what might or might not happen in the future? I know I am guilty of both of these habits. When we focus on either the past or the future we miss what is happening right here. Only in the here and now can we experience the juice of life. Only in the here and now can we truly connect with another person, whether our beloved or a store clerk.
The only moment that we can truly enjoy is this moment happening right now.  Are you enjoying this moment?
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5 Parenting Errors that can Sabotage your Children’s Success

By Duane Krip

The occurring hit me light a bolt of lightning….leaving me weakened in the knees. I was reviewing some notes from numerous sessions I had facilitated. After flipping through page after page, seeing time and again how interactions with parents were now crippling these adult children, I thought of my own kids and my interactions with them.
We want only the best for our children and would never knowingly do anything to hurt them. Yet I saw instances where my own interactions with them were eerily similar to devastating consequences I was seeing in adults I am now working with.
When pondering what I was seeing in these adults I could easily define the 5 biggest errors parents unknowingly make that can sabotage their children later in life.

Parenting Error #1

Criticizing and judging your child’s behaviour.

Whenever you say things to your children like, “What’s wrong with you?”; “Don’t you think you should have …?”; “How many times do I have to tell you?”, or whenever you make those disgusted faces–your child walks away feeling “less than.
The beliefs they are likely to form are: I’m not good enough.  There’s something wrong with me.  I’m inadequate. Continue reading

3 Life Changing Lessons from Robinson Crusoe

Robinson Crusoe

By Duane Krip

To help alleviate the tedium of my daily commute I have been listening audio books on CD. Last week I spent my windshield time soaking in the hot sun on a tropical island as I immersed myself in the adventures of Robinson Crusoe.

Written nearly 300 year ago, it chronicles the life of a sole shipwrecked castaway who spends 28 years stranded on an island near Trinidad. He begins as a wanderer, aimless on a sea he does not understand and ends up enlightened. His enlightenment does not come through listening to sermons in a church but through spending time alone amongst nature with only his thoughts. Continue reading

How to Create New Possibilities

By Duane Krip

I have written extensively about how our beliefs become reality for us, determining our behavior and feelings.  Because how we view reality determines the possibilities for action that are open for us, by eliminating limiting beliefs, you are able to literally create new possibilities in your life.

Let me give you an example.  Assume you had deep seated beliefs: I’m not good enough; I’m flawed and/or I not worthy of being successful.
With these beliefs, what are the possibilities that you could have advancement in your career, success in your business or a career that you can feel truly fulfilled at?  … Slim to nil, right?

Now let’s assume you completely eliminate those beliefs.  Can you see you have just created the possibility of a great, fulfilling, long-term career that literally didn’t exist before? There is no guarantee you will ever find such a career, but the possibility exists now that didn’t exist before.  Continue reading

How to Dissolve Stress in 3 Minutes

By Duane Krip

Wonder if there was no such thing as a stressful situation? Would you feel stressed? The logical answer is no. Situations, as such, have no inherent meaning. Thus, meaningless events can’t make us feel stress!

I propose that, what we feel as stress is nothing more than a meaning we give to a situation or an event, not the even it self. Change the meaning and the stress disappears!

The way to look at it is to view that meaning as an ‘occurring’. An occurring is how life appears to you in any given moment; the unconscious, automatic meaning you give reality as you perceive it.

There is reality and then there is how you perceive it. Reality is what you see and hear NOW but how you perceive it can paint a whole different distorted picture.

As an example: Your company sends you a plane ticket summoning you to a meeting tomorrow inWinnipeg. The only information given are instructions go to a specified hotel near the airport for the meeting. You fly in at 10am. The meeting is at 11am and you fly home on the next flight out. Panic ensues as your mind races toward every negative possible reason and outcome. You see yourself unemployed tomorrow at this time. Tightness grips your chest and a sick feeling settles into your stomach as you wonder why this is happening to you. Continue reading

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