How to Create New Possibilities

By Duane Krip

I have written extensively about how our beliefs become reality for us, determining our behavior and feelings.  Because how we view reality determines the possibilities for action that are open for us, by eliminating limiting beliefs, you are able to literally create new possibilities in your life.

Let me give you an example.  Assume you had deep seated beliefs: I’m not good enough; I’m flawed and/or I not worthy of being successful.
With these beliefs, what are the possibilities that you could have advancement in your career, success in your business or a career that you can feel truly fulfilled at?  … Slim to nil, right?

Now let’s assume you completely eliminate those beliefs.  Can you see you have just created the possibility of a great, fulfilling, long-term career that literally didn’t exist before? There is no guarantee you will ever find such a career, but the possibility exists now that didn’t exist before. 

This is one of the most powerful consequences of eliminating beliefs: You not only change your behavior and feelings, you actually change the reality you live in.

To make this idea completely clear, let’s assume you held the following beliefs: You have to work hard to make money. I’m not deserving. I’ll never have enough money. There is never enough money. Money is a struggle. Life is difficult. Your reality with those beliefs does not include the possibility of acquiring wealth easily, if at all. Without those beliefs the possibility comes into existence.

The possibilities that exist in your reality are defined by your beliefs.  When you say something is impossible it actually becomes impossible for you. If you believe Life is difficult, you will experience things not going the way you wanted them to go as upsetting obstacles rather than exciting challenges.  If you believe I’m not capable or I’m not competent, would you likely try to do something you believe you can’t do?  And if you tried, do you think you would succeed with these beliefs?

Beliefs Create An Organization’s Environment
Even the environment in which an organization operates is largely a function of its beliefs. The biggest barrier an organization faces is not in the world (competition, government, costs, etc.), but in the minds of their employees.
For example, if most of the people in a company believe that something is impossible—such as outsourcing, raising capital, finding qualified new employees, or reaching a certain sales or earnings target—that belief becomes a self-fulfilling prophesy, because the employees will operate according to a reality consistent with their beliefs.  If something is impossible, there is no sense in trying to do it.
Notice that you don’t have to do anything (other than eliminate the beliefs) in order to create a new possibility and literally change your reality. 
Your reality changes automatically after the belief(s) has been eliminated.

If there are no beliefs in the way, all we have to do to make a change in our way of living is to make a commitment to the change, and it usually occurs.  Sometimes we don’t know how and have to get some needed information, and then the change happens.  But it’s not so easy when there are beliefs in the way.

When we try to act inconsistently with our beliefs—such as trying to create wealth or relationships when we have beliefs that act as barriers, or trying to stop procrastination when we have beliefs that necessitate it—we are aware both of the struggle to change and our inability to produce lasting change.

Our Reality Changes Without Us Even Noticing It
But when the belief(s) is gone, we unconsciously do whatever we choose to do and there is no resistance.  We just automatically do it. Because there is no resistance, because we are able to make the change so easily, we frequently are not even aware that the old barriers are gone.

Here’s a metaphor that makes very real what happens in your life when you eliminate limiting beliefs.
When you drive down a highway and come across a barrier in the middle of the road, you are aware of your inability to drive on.  After you remove the roadblock and you then continually drive down that same highway, at some point you drive down the highway and forget that the barrier had ever been there.

It’s so easy to create new possibilities for yourself.  What are you waiting for? 

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