Living in the Moment

By Duane Krip

Living in the moment can change the entire dynamic of your career, relationships and life as a whole. Have you noticed how much time you spend looking at what you are upset or disappointed about in the past or how much you think about what might or might not happen in the future? I know I am guilty of both of these habits. When we focus on either the past or the future we miss what is happening right here. Only in the here and now can we experience the juice of life. Only in the here and now can we truly connect with another person, whether our beloved or a store clerk.
The only moment that we can truly enjoy is this moment happening right now.  Are you enjoying this moment?
Consider… can you actually enjoy a moment in the past or a dream about the future? Sure, a memory or dream can make us smile, but can they really bring joy right now? I suggest that the only way to experience real joy is to focus your awareness on the experience you are having in this moment. When we do this, even if the moment isn’t what we “want it to be”, we can experience spontaneous satisfaction or even joy.
When we step out of sync with this moment, we suffer and our career, relationships and life suffer. When we focus on something other than this moment, typically we focus on some form of dissatisfaction… either wanting more or less of something. In this state of dissatisfaction, we are absolutely precluded from feeling happiness, love and connection. Which do you choose?
This is not to say that we should never be upset or that our upsets aren’t justified. Upsets are a natural part of living and relating. The true question is, how do we let those upsets impact us and what do we do about them?
I’m sure you know that when you live or work closely with anyone, no matter how much you love them, there are times when you will be annoyed, irritated, disappointed, or even down right angry. If the cause of the upset is a new occurrence – something that hasn’t happened before – pause long enough to ask yourself, “What’s here? What is inside of YOU that is being triggered? What meaning are you attaching to the occurrence?” Much of the rawness of the emotion will dissipate.  With whatever emotion is left, acknowledge it to yourself. Then express your emotions and concerns in the moment and resolve it now so you can quickly return to centeredness and connection.
In a situation completely out of your control, what if you simply recognized that right now, “this is the way life is”, and said to yourself, “I might as well stop fighting what is and enjoy the moment.” You might also call this “letting go.”
It’s always your choice.
Imagine you’re on the side of the highway in a torrential down pour with a flat tire. You can expend valuable time and mental resources by cursing the moment; drowning yourself in anguish….or accept the circumstance as is and set your focus on the task at hand.
We seem to fight what is or what has been… and this is a struggle we cannot win.
I applied this principle this past weekend when I noticed a severe issue with the frame of our boat trailer. It had to be fixed NOW otherwise the boat was at risk of severe damage. I had a limited number of tools with me. The timing was most inopportune as we were packed and needed to vacate our campsite. This occurrence would have caused me great consternation in the past…I would have cursed and grumbled…and in my heated state probably done something stupid to make the situation even worse…

but It was what is!

I set to the repair focusing on the task at hand. Within 20 minutes it was complete. As I stepped back to admire my handiwork, there was great sense of accomplishment that permeated me.
Have you ever won a battle with what is?
Have you ever changed the past?
 I suggest…
Let go and enjoy this moment!

Have a great week!

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