The Panic Button

When you must ‘nail’ your presentation but chest gripping anxiety is setting in….and you absolutely positively need a quick fix solution!

Who you are:

You have a forthcoming meeting or presentation. If there was a time to be on your game this will be that time. It could make or break you! D day is now bearing down on you like a freight train. At first you felt a slight uneasiness but as the day draws closer you feel near terror gripping at your chest.

What your issues tend to be:

You probably have a long history of this kind of reaction to a future gathering where the spotlight will be on you…and that history has shown that you sometimes freeze, stumble or draw blanks! This sends you into a downward spiral rendering you flaccid.

The frustrating thing is that you know your subject matter! While your thinking conscious mind has every intention want and desire to ace this meeting or presentation – the uneasiness, fear and/or panic you feel is a result of unacknowledged fears, beliefs and or unhealthy conditionings which are lurking in the depths of your non-conscious mind.

The Solution: Press the Empowerment PANIC BUTTON!

Types of meetings or presentations the panic button can help you with include:

  • Key note presentations
  • Board meetings
  • Sales meetings
  • Sales ‘cold call’ meetings
  • Sales ‘presentation’ meetings
  • Sales ‘closing call’ meetings
  • Job interviews
  • Marriage proposals
  • Critical issue staff meetings
  • Press conferences
  • Negotiation meetings
  • Debates

The Panic Button Empowerment Session

This facilitation of this session would occur 24 – 48 hours prior to your meeting or presentation.

When you complete this 2 hour session you will:

  • get to the root memory or memories that are causing you anxiety and to potentially shut down at that critical moment.
  • clear out the main sabotaging program that is unconsciously stifling your ability to effectively communicate.
  • be free to move on from the past mistake or communication failure that is acting as a trigger point.
  • have reduced stress going into the meeting or presentation.
  • have more clarity of thought.
  • have the ability, in the moment, to tap into your own inner wisdom.
  • have increased confidence.
  • speak from a more authentic place.
  • future pace a vision of yourself successfully nailing this meeting or presentation then see the result of its success 1 month , 6 months and 1year into the future.

Investment: $295.00 + GST

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