The work I do is truly rewarding all by itself. When clients take the time to drop you a note, it is just icing on the cake.

Here is what people are saying about their sessions…

Improved Life

After the sessions I felt as though excess weight had been removed from my body. I felt lighter. In the days and weeks following, the issues I had worked through no longer appeared in my daily life. My work life has improved because I no longer have the nagging feelings. ie. Fear of a new work environment. The issues that had plagued me were now completely gone.

-Mark E, Saskatoon, Canada


A Take on the World Feeling

The sessions left me with sense of colossally heightened joy and deep contentment. A winning combination, that, “Take on the world!”, feeling. The best part: it is now a resource I can tap with limitless frequency!”

-Jill U, Alberta, Canada


Able To See New possibilities

Duane’s calmness and warmth made me feel safe instantly. It was easy to let go of any nervousness and just relax during the process. After the sessions I felt tremendously relieved and energized, ready to take on the world! I have continued to enjoy more vitality and a sense of lightness, and I see new possibilities in all areas of my life!

-Anna Frodin-King, Lloydminster, AB


A Gift of a New Beginning

Duane is personable and trustworthy. I was able to open up and allow Duane to guide me through some personal and difficult issues. My process work with Duane was profound and transformational.

I had a difficult relationship with my adult son. I knew I needed to confront our difficulties head on, so I could find forgiveness and peace within our relationship. The process brought up all my unresolved and buried feelings of anger, hurt, failure, discouragement, frustration, and my tears flowed like a torrential rainstorm. Although it was difficult to confront our problems, Duane gently guided me step by step through the process, and allowed me to expose my insecurities without blame and judgment. Immediately after the process, I felt calm, relieved and free. I knew I had addressed a particularly troublesome argument my son and I had about 6 months earlier. Those were the immediate benefits of working with Duane. Surprisingly, the real joy and resolution to the differences with my son has occurred in the months and years following that powerful process. A willingness to open our hearts to each other has happened slowly, and naturally. Now, when my son and I see each other, we have mutual respect and caring towards each other. Our relationship continues to improve and grow in ways I could only dream of, before I did this process work with Duane. I have such gratitude towards Duane for helping me open my heart to my son again, clear out the baggage from our past and give us the gift of a new beginning.

-Leanne S


Glass Ceiling Has Been Lifted

Over all I feel like the glass ceiling above me has been lifted! I feel different about myself and my abilities. I see that the only limitations I had were the ones I created! Selling has become easier. I can’t believe I spent so many years lost in hold-back.

Morris F


Getting More Things Done

Even though there is a lot of pressure and stress at work, I am not getting caught up in it. I am getting along better with my boss and am able to diffuse situations with him with more ease. I’am able to get more things done.

Robert C


A Sense of Inner Calmness

I cleared some major issues I have struggled with for many years; A major one being an understanding that I do not have to please everyone or alter my way of being just to suit others. The result: I have a new sense of inner calmness. At the end of the session Duane asked me to write a letter to myself with words of wisdom that I had just learned. It was a powerful experience. Before going to work I have been reading it daily.

Susan R

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