3 Life Changing Lessons from Robinson Crusoe

Robinson Crusoe

By Duane Krip

To help alleviate the tedium of my daily commute I have been listening audio books on CD. Last week I spent my windshield time soaking in the hot sun on a tropical island as I immersed myself in the adventures of Robinson Crusoe.

Written nearly 300 year ago, it chronicles the life of a sole shipwrecked castaway who spends 28 years stranded on an island near Trinidad. He begins as a wanderer, aimless on a sea he does not understand and ends up enlightened. His enlightenment does not come through listening to sermons in a church but through spending time alone amongst nature with only his thoughts. Continue reading

This weeks contemplation…

What if Failure was IMPOSSIBLE… What would you be willing to Risk?

By Duane Krip

If failure was IMPOSSIBLE…what would you be willing to risk? That question was posed to a group of us at a workshop I recently attended. The unanimous answer from the room was, “Everything!” We went on to learn that ‘failure’ is nothing more than a concept of the mind; that failure is impossible because it doesn’t really exist!

An example: if you swing at a golf ball and it dribbles off the tee, you haven’t really failed, you’ve produced a result! The question in life isn’t whether you fail; the question is “what do you do with the results you produce? The instant you label yourself as having failed, you become the label you placed on yourself. Continue reading

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