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5 Parenting Errors that can Sabotage your Children’s Success

By Duane Krip

The occurring hit me light a bolt of lightning….leaving me weakened in the knees. I was reviewing some notes from numerous sessions I had facilitated. After flipping through page after page, seeing time and again how interactions with parents were now crippling these adult children, I thought of my own kids and my interactions with them.
We want only the best for our children and would never knowingly do anything to hurt them. Yet I saw instances where my own interactions with them were eerily similar to devastating consequences I was seeing in adults I am now working with.
When pondering what I was seeing in these adults I could easily define the 5 biggest errors parents unknowingly make that can sabotage their children later in life.

Parenting Error #1

Criticizing and judging your child’s behaviour.

Whenever you say things to your children like, “What’s wrong with you?”; “Don’t you think you should have …?”; “How many times do I have to tell you?”, or whenever you make those disgusted faces–your child walks away feeling “less than.
The beliefs they are likely to form are: I’m not good enough.  There’s something wrong with me.  I’m inadequate. Continue reading

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