Unworthiness: The Root of Disempowerment

By Duane Krip

Like a necklace of lead, conspiring to keep us weighted, shackled and tethered, feelings of unworthiness are the root of the darkness in our life. I now believe that unworthiness is at the core of most everything negative in both our careers and life! Having worked with people from across North America, from all walks of life, young and old, unworthiness keeps showing up in session after session I conduct.

Installed in us at such a young age, buried deep; we only see the surface behaviors in our day to day life.

I have to admit I had to ‘stare into the mouth of the lion’ when beliefs of my own unworthiness bubbled to the surface. I am happy to report I survived!

As I analyzed unworthiness, I noticed this disempowering belief was manifesting its self in behaviors found in 9 personality types. As you read these nine, think of all the time and energy each of these behaviors steal from our productivity and from our enjoyment of your life!

1) The Perfectionist

The Perfectionist feels unworthy because of their perceived imperfections. Driven to mask this vulnerability, they demand perfection of themselves and others through rules, ethics and morals.

2) The Caretaker

The Caretaker feels unworthy of love. To offset this highly charged emotion, they leap into service to others and will do so even at the expense of their own health and wellbeing. They feed off of the returned appreciation (love) for giving they extend.

3) The Achiever

Like the caregiver, the Achiever feels unworthy of love. However they offset it by seeking status, accumulation of material things. They go to great lengths to convince others of their image of success.

4) The Individualist

The Individualist wears their unworthiness like a badge of honor on their sleeve. They see themselves as broken and flawed thus should be loved for their uniqueness. They do everything to separate themselves from the norm and thrive on the attention (love) for their differentness.

5) The Expert

The Expert escapes from the feeling of unworthiness by diving into knowledge. Their core fear is: not knowing enough. The often live a solitary existence within themselves as they gather and hoard information in order to feel comfort in their superiority over the ‘less intelligent.’

6) The Team Player

The Team Player rigorously fights unworthiness with a determination to “fit in”. Safety and security are an utmost priority and being a part of the team achieves this sense of security. Their lack of trust in themselves mires them in procrastination. They will only move forward when the team deems it safe.

7) The Generalist

The Generalist runs from unworthiness by being in perpetual motion. Driven for more new and different experiences, they take on anything as long as they are kept busy being busy. Unfortunately, burning the candle at both ends often results in a crash and burn in physical or mental health.

8] The Challenger

The Challenger suppresses unworthiness by controlling their environment. Their dominance aura enters a room two feet in front of them. They’ve adopted a life view that dominance and displays of dominance are a necessity for survival.

9) The Peacemaker

The Peacemaker mitigates unworthiness through avoidance and control. They avoid confrontation and suppress all high or low emotions. They have a need to be in control yet will resist being controlled. Their easygoing nature is a cover because at their depths is rage and anger.


True freedom to excel in what ever you do comes when you are able to break free of the tether of unworthiness. Once free, all possibilities open up.

Which personality type do you identify with? Leave at note on the comment section below.


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