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What if Failure was IMPOSSIBLE… What would you be willing to Risk?

By Duane Krip

If failure was IMPOSSIBLE…what would you be willing to risk? That question was posed to a group of us at a workshop I recently attended. The unanimous answer from the room was, “Everything!” We went on to learn that ‘failure’ is nothing more than a concept of the mind; that failure is impossible because it doesn’t really exist!

An example: if you swing at a golf ball and it dribbles off the tee, you haven’t really failed, you’ve produced a result! The question in life isn’t whether you fail; the question is “what do you do with the results you produce? The instant you label yourself as having failed, you become the label you placed on yourself.

At first glance, it can be a difficult concept to grasp. When I posted the question on my Facebook status, I received the following response: “Soooooooo the Space Shuttle didn’t blow up? My response follows: “Great question! Yes the space shuttle did blow up. It was an occurrence. That occurrence resulted in new, more defined safety rules within the space program. The whole incident is now required study in many engineering schools. Engineers are using this lesson and learning how to make their projects safer. It is said that the space shuttle incident is the catalyst that is propelling current and future space exploration in a new direction; with many results yet to be seen.”

Another illustration of this concept is through the eyes of Thomas Edison. After inventing the light bulb, Edison is said to have said, “I have successfully discovered 1,000 ways to NOT make a light bulb.”

When you look deep into the gift that an occurrence or result brings, you can see that “FAILURE” is nothing more than a term…a judgmental term…a negative concept made up in the mind; a silent saboteur born from a mistaken interpretation of a past occurrence or childhood conditioning. It is what holds us back from doing truly great things in our business, career and life!
When you see there are no limits to your potential, you can tap into abundance, success and happiness knowing that the produced result was needed to open up a new set of opportunities.

As you start into your day, you will be presented with opportunities that could grow your business, advance your career or cultivate your relationship. You have a choice. You can safely let them pass…or you can go for it, dive in feet first, knowing that the results – whatever they may be, are your next set of opportunities paving your path to success!

Have a great week!

Duane Krip,
Creator of the Career Accelerator System

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