Why We’re Overweight: The Startling Truth!

By Duane Krip

At least one third of our adult population is obese and another third is overweight, overeating and excess weight is one of the biggest problems facing our society. This past March I attended a revolutionary workshop that focused on the unhealthy relationship we have with food and how to make it right. Here’s the startling truth:

The sources of overeating
There are several different sources of overweight, including:

  • Insufficient or no physical exercise
  • Eating unhealthy food, especially fast foods with high carbohydrate content
  • Medical problems, such as thyroid dysfunction
  • Emotional eating

There is an abundance of useful information about the first three.  There is very little information that is truly useful about the fourth.  Unfortunately, most of the programs and therapies don’t produce lasting results, which have led to millions of frustrated emotional eaters.  In fact, however, emotional eating can be stopped … forever!

Two types of emotional eating
I am convinced that almost all overeating is at least partially the result of emotional eating, in other words, most overeating is due to emotional reasonsSuch overeating is of two types:

  • Eating to cover up negative feelings, such as loneliness, anxiety, feeling unloved, and boredom, and
  • Eating to reward ones self, such as eating to celebrate or to give oneself pleasure.

Emotional eating is caused primarily by conditioning.  When we had negative feelings earlier in our lives and then ate, there was a positive payoff, such as a pleasurable distraction from the negative feeling.  After experiencing that payoff on many occasions, the negative feelings (such as boredom and anxiety) became a “trigger” that got conditioned to produce a compulsive desire to eat.
The same principle is applicable regarding rewards.  When we wanted to celebrate or experience pleasure and then we experienced what we wanted after eating, wanting to celebrate or to experience pleasure got conditioned to produce a compulsive desire to eat.
This conditioning always seems to be present when someone overeats on a regular basis.
Beliefs also play a role
Beliefs also are usually present in the case of emotional eating.  Some typical beliefs include:

  • focusing on eating/weight is the best way to avoid engaging fully in life,
  • the way to be accepted by others is to be imperfect and for me that’s being heavy,
  • eating is the best way to get pleasure,
  • if I can’t eat what I want when I want it I’m deprived and powerless,
  • the best way to avoid sex is to be heavy,
  • the best way to feel better when I don’t feel good is to eat,
  • the best way to celebrate is to eat,
  • eating is the best way to suppress feelings,
  • if I don’t eat the food right now there won’t be any later.

There is a solution!
The same process I use with clients to eliminate disempowering beliefs and behaviours can easily dissolve both the “rewards” and the negative feelings that act as “eating triggers.”  The Personal Empowerment Process can easily eliminate any beliefs and conditioning that cause emotional eating.

If you have a friend or a loved one who has an eating/food/weight problem, please take a minute and forward this article on to them. Just the awareness tying their weight struggle to an emotional root cause may be the A-Ha moment that’ll start a domino effect that’ll release them from their fight with food.
When I discuss the problems we face in life, I often mention that the Career Accelerator System and Personal Empowerment Process are useful tools to get rid of those problems.  These are but two solutions…..and there may be other solutions.

It is not which tool you use, what is important is that you realize that solutions do exist … and that you then utilize them to get rid of your eating/weight problems or any others you might have. 

Know that most of the problems so many of us face daily are not due to human nature and they are not inevitable…..
There are solutions…just find the one that resonates with you and then use it.

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